Weight Loss and the New Year

If you read this blog at all you probably know how I feel about New Year’s resolutions—they are bullshit!!

Resolutions are basically massive set-ups to feel bad about ourselves when we give up on our overambitious proclamations because it’s too much and most likely it was a should rather than an I want to.

Is there another approach?  YES!

Why not think about who you want to be in the New Year?  And then start taking some action towards becoming that person?

Here’s a good example.  A new year’s resolution might be “Lose 25 pounds”.  But if you think about who you want to be it would sound more like, “I want to be healthy.”

This is exactly the shift in thinking that I made which was the catalyst to me losing 60 pounds and KEEPING IT OFF.

Before Barbados 4

Me and Sar

For so many years of my life I approached weight loss in a desperate way.  I didn’t think about my health and the person I wanted to be—I just wanted so badly to get the weight off of me.

That approached failed me over and over again.  And it made me fatter and fatter as I would lose some weight and gain it back plus some.

It wasn’t until I made the decision that I was tired of feeling tired and like crap and that I wanted to be healthy that things turned around for me.  And they turned around in a big way.

Once I decided I wanted to be healthy I started taking action in that direction.  It finally wasn’t about weight loss—it was about finding ways to take care of myself.  Once I was vibrating in that space things just started to fall into place…and then the weight started falling off.

I began looking for ways to really boost my nutrition.  I started out with a powder supplement but didn’t see much improvement.  In the meantime I kept seeing this juice cleanse advertised at a place right in my town.  What the hell—it’s only three days I thought.  I did the cleanse and there began my obsession with green juice.

Yes, I am obsessed with the juice but for good reason.  Not only have I lost a ton of weight and have easily kept it off, my skin totally cleared up, and I got off of stomach medication I had been on for over 8 years.  I was also able to start running and to get into shape since I felt so much better.

Having accomplished what I did with the juicing gave me more confidence in myself and allowed me to start really doing what I love—writing and coaching.

And one last thought—I didn’t do it alone.  I finally kicked the notion that I have to do everything myself and I asked for help.  I have a coach and a trainer.  I have a mastermind partner to set goals with and bounce ideas off of.  I have the folks at the Revitalive Café who started me on my juicing journey.

I would love to take all the credit but I am really grateful for, as I like to call them, my team of experts who help me achieve my goals.    Everything I gain from them helps me to be better able to support the people I work with.  The effects trickle down.

So after all the indulgences of the last month you may be thinking of all the things that have to change starting January 1st.  Instead, start asking yourself this question—who do I want to be in this New Year?

PS:  That is my awesome niece Sarah in the after photo and we are holding an Inner Joy banner she made me for Christmas!!  AND she loves to juice!

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