What, Are You Some Ditzy Blonde?

Well, apparently I am.

I was driving to a meeting last week a few towns over.  I got in my car and remembered my gas light was on.  As I often do I had allowed just enough time to get to the meeting.

As fancy looking as my car is it is really not that fancy and it is old.  I never know how much time I have left when the light goes on so it makes me a little nervous.

As I approached my destination I looked for gas stations on the other side of the road.  Yes!  There was one right before I turned off the main drag—I will stop there on my way home.

I had a great meeting and got going, soon wheeling into the gas station I had seen.  There was a convenience store right next to it with some cars.  I pulled up and noted vaguely there were no cars at the station—must just be a slow time.Gas station

I get out of my car at the pump with my debit card in hand and I hear someone yell over, “Ma’am”.  I don’t pay this any attention and start walking towards the pump and I hear, “MA’AM!”

I look up and this guy is looking toward me across the parking lot.  I say, wondering if something was wrong with my car, “Yes?”

“They don’t sell gas there anymore!” he yells over.

I look up and I am at an abandoned gas station.  There is nobody in the little glass booth.  The pumps still look somewhat functional but upon closer inspection, not so much.

I just burst out laughing and hollered back to the guy, “I didn’t even look around!”

He did not laugh or engage any further.

I can just imagine his thoughts.  I don’t need to write them out—I’m sure you all are thinking the same thing.

I got back in my car and drove off, giving him a big thank you wave (he again did not respond).  And I continued to laugh and be entertained by my foolishness, which was fun in and of itself.

But in thinking about it further…I was about as out of the moment as you can be.  I flew in there ready to fill the tank but was not even aware of my surroundings.

Maybe I was thinking about the meeting that just transpired.

Maybe I was psyched to go to my friend’s house for dinner and a splash.

Whatever it was I was either in the past or the future.  I was definitely not in the moment.

As much as being unaware inspired a moment of hilarity, have you ever considered how much time we spend outside of the moment?

Wow…it is kind of mind blowing when you think that we spend most of our time re-living the past or anticipating the future.   Instead of being right here, right now.

I am having fun writing this right now and although I am recalling the incident I am not re-living it—just enjoying it.  I am in the moment telling a story and I will also tell you it feels really good.

Most of our past/future thinking is filled with regret and worry.  When you stay in the moment all you have to deal with is now.

Sometimes it is the best.  Sometimes it is the worst.  But it is all that is really happening so it’s the only place we need to be.  Why add past and future to the mix—we’ve got enough on our hands!

Today as I rode by the scene with my friend Deb I remembered the incident and also realized that as much as I couldn’t wait to tell someone after it happened because I thought it was so funny, I promptly forgot…likely because I was thinking of other past and future things.

I did have great delight in telling my stupid story and we laughed until we were crying.  We were in the moment.

And now all we have to say is, “MA’AM!”

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