What I Never Thought I Would Hear In My Lifetime

I heard something the other day that I have never heard in all of my life, and never really thought I would. I was shopping at a clothing store in downtown Newburyport. It’s fun for me to shop now that I can actually find sizes that fit me—my friend Karen is thrilled because not only was I pissed off when I was dieting as I mentioned in a previous blog, but I also would get mad about shopping because in the boutique stores in Newburyport there was pretty much nothing that I could fit in to.

When I went shopping with my friends I would stand around and look through the clothing only to start internally seething with angst and anger because I knew I couldn’t come close to fitting into anything I was looking at. All the while I was chiming in, oh beautiful—that’s looks great on you. You should definitely get that. I was happy that my friends were finding beautiful clothes to buy. At the same time I was sad (and pissed off!) because I was just along for the ride. I could not participate. I waited for it to be over with and for someone to say, ok, should we go get a cocktail? Now that was something I could participate in.

So shopping at Rocas (the picture above is just random–her store is much more fun and funky!) over the weekend I heard the fantastic guy who was helping me say, oh wait that’s too big, let me get you the extra small. Holy shit. The EXTRA small. Not the medium. Not the small. The EXTRA small. For the last 8 or so years the only thing I saw on the tag was a 2X or 3X. On a really good day I occasionally would find and extra LARGE that might come close. No one was rushing around to assist me and finding just the right dress that looked great on me. I simply slogged through the plus size clothing racks and felt shitty about myself.

I did get to the place where I accepted my weight which was an imperative step I had to take in order to move forward. I also got to the place where I made peace with food which was extremely important on my weight loss journey. I knew deep down and intuitively that I would ultimately find a solution to lose the weight and then to actually keep it off. I am so grateful that I have found that solution! And it wasn’t a hardship; it just happened.

As it started to happen something inside me committed to making a lifestyle change because I could feel that it was sustainable. I could feel that it was nurturing me and not torturing me. Somewhere deep inside I was regaining my life—getting back to a place where I could participate in more than just the cocktail portion. Back to a place where if somebody asked me if I wanted to go for a hike or to a yoga class I could just say yes! rather than thinking about whether I would be able to do it or not.

So I tell you the extra small story not to be boastful, but to impress upon you the fact that things can change for the better no matter what circumstance you find yourself in if you just make that inner shift. As far as weight goes it took me a long time to figure out how to make that shift. We are all different and hold on to weight for different reasons. But I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be hard or a hardship. It just takes seeing the possibility, making a shift and committing to seeing that shift through. I am also here to help you make that shift sooner rather than later. Let my years of trying to figure it out save you the time and the angst of being in a body that you might not be happy with, if that is the case for you.

Of course this doesn’t just apply to weight or health. We can turn any situation in our life around—career, money, relationships, you name it. Transformation is possible—all it takes is clearing the limiting beliefs we are holding about the situation and getting into the vibration of what we want to achieve. Anything is possible. Even going from a 3X to an extra small.

Oh, and by the way, am I typically an extra small? No. I’m around a medium which I am very happy with! In number sizes I have gone from around a 20 edging to a 22 to an 8—of course sizes can vary quite a bit but you get my drift. The real success I feel and the reason I told you this story is because I have been able to completely transform my weight loss paradigm which has been a source of heartache for most of my life. I did it and if you want to so can you!

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2 Responses to What I Never Thought I Would Hear In My Lifetime

  1. Nancy June 3, 2013 at 3:11 pm #

    Gwen, I am so very very very proud of you!! You really radiate joy ~ so beautiful to see!! All that NLP in practice!! I love the quote that the shift is “nurturing” not “torturing” ~ I wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I finally unpacked that JUICER I bought so long ago – I think it was before jack lalanne died!! HA!! You are my muse!! I will keep in touch via your blogs – they are FABULOUS – keep em coming!! xxoo Nancy

    • Gwen
      Gwen June 3, 2013 at 4:17 pm #

      Thank you so much Nancy!!! I am so excited you are breaking out your juicer–I think you will LOVE it! Can’t wait to hear–please do keep me posted. Thanks for reading!! xo

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