What’s It Worth to You?

Have you ever tried to do something you didn’t really want to do? Something that maybe you thought you should do? How did that work out for you? Probably not very well. That’s why I often think New Year’s resolutions are bullshit. They’re usually littered with shoulds. I say if it is not an intention that comes from your heart then let it go because you’re just going to find yourself frustrated and perhaps feeling like you have failed.

Last night I listened to an online interview with Frank Ferrante of the documentary May I Be Frank. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do, but it is his story of total transformation from being 300 pounds, having Hep C, and being nearly suicidally depressed, to vibrant health and well being by eating a vegan diet and undergoing a program based on gratitude with three young guys as mentors. Without relaying the whole story, did Frank just wake up one day and decide to change from his booze, pizza and pasta diet to vegan? No, he didn’t even know what that was before he stumbled upon Café Gratitude. But he did know in his heart that something had to change—he was sick and heavy and depressed and he felt unlovable. So when these three guys from the Café told him they wanted to make a documentary about him going vegan for 42 days and going through their gratitude program he simply said OK.

He had no idea what he was getting himself into. This is a tough guy from Brooklyn—ex-heroin addict and alcoholic who had eaten a crappy processed diet his whole life. But he said yes anyway. He made the decision and he did it—because in his heart of hearts he wanted a change. Now he is a motivational speaker touring the country inspiring others to make change. How cool is that?

If you have been hanging around here at all then you probably know about my obsession about fresh pressed vegetable juice. Actually, Frank’s film was part of my inspiration to do my first cleanse. But what I really want to get to here is that I knew I needed a change because I felt crappy and I was overweight. I was looking for ways to best amp up my nutrition and first fell on to more processed nutritional drinks and supplements. Then I found the juice and somewhere inside of me I knew this was it. I bought a juicer and never looked back.

My point is this—I have been on about one million diets in my life. They were always torturous and hard and even if I had some success with weight loss which I did many, many times, I didn’t want to be eating the way I was eating. I was always starving, I felt deprived, and I hated it. I never made the decision to change my life in a healthy way. I just tortured myself for as long of a period as I could stand, got a fleeting result, and stopped. What was the ultimate result? The weight came back on, my metabolism was totally screwed up, and I was less healthy than when I started. While I wanted to lose weight, more like was desperate to lose weight, in all of those instances, I felt like I should be doing these crazy diets and be able to stick to them even though I really didn’t want to and it never felt right.

When I started juicing I felt great and I wanted to keep going. For the first time in my life weight loss was easy. I’m not just saying that as a secret hook to get you to juice if you have wanted to lose some weight. It really was because I loved what I was doing and how it made me feel. I knew it was a sustainable change. I knew I wouldn’t stop juicing when I had lost the weight. This morning I thought to myself as I was drinking it, thank God for green juice. Really, I thought that sincerely. I was ready for a change, I really wanted a change, and the juice somehow found me.

So if you have been struggling with some resolutions that don’t quite seem to be resonating (which often happens around this time) take another look at them. Is it really something you want—is it worth it to you to make this change? Are you doing it for yourself or for someone else? Is the outcome something you want but you find you are on the wrong path to it? If it is one of the above take some time to look at your goal, and find out what the real intention behind it is. Then revise as necessary. You haven’t failed what you tried to do—instead you will be setting yourself up for success.

And if you want some all around inspiration watch May I Be Frank!

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