When Is It Good Enough?

When dealing with certain challenges in our lives or trying to reach a goal, do we ever get to a place where we feel it is good enough? There are always victories along the way as we are moving towards our goal which are fantastic, but they can often leave us longing to just finally be there. And what about when we finally get where we wanted to be—does it feel good enough then?

A great example of this is when someone has a fitness, healthy eating or weight goal. As conditions with our bodies improve we are thrilled, but it is often fleeting as we turn our focus to the aspects of ourselves that aren’t yet where we want them to be. Unfortunately this can swiftly knock us out of the vibration of the goal we are trying to achieve, literally stalling us in our tracks. From there it can be easy to slide right down the slippery slope to where nothing seems good enough…..and if we stay there long enough it never will be.

So I am here with a gentle reminder—CELEBRATE YOUR VICTORIES ALONG THE WAY TO YOUR GOAL AND APPRECIATE ALL YOU HAVE DONE! Any step you take towards your goal can be seen as a small victory—acknowledge that!! Give yourself a chuck under the chin and an atta girl (or boy)! You are doing it—you have set an intention and you are moving towards your goal. That means you are winning. And you know what? That funny little Law of Attraction makes it so if you stay in the vibration of victory or achievement of your goal, you are going to get there a whole lot faster!

Really, just staying in the feeling of appreciation for all you have done up to this point makes your whole life easier. Do you know why? That’s right, because it feels good. Hanging out in a feeling of victory and appreciation feels infinitely better than hanging out in a vibration of lack and not good enough. So where are you going to hang out??

There’s no rocket science here on this post (I know—there usually is hahaha!). Just a reminder I think we all need from time to time (ok, ALL the time!). Look at what you have achieved—not where you have left to go. Make every step in the process good enough in the moment. It will get you where you want to be!!


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