Why Aren’t You Living the Life of Your Dreams?

How is it that we can know that thoughts become things and how to manifest things into our lives but yet we still don’t have the lives we want?

What the hell?

I mean really, what’s the use of knowing how the Universe works if we are not going to work it?

This has been puzzling to me since the time I started learning these principles. I get it. I know humans, and everything else, are just vibrating masses of energy and that like energy attracts like energy. I can manifest great parking spaces, and see butterflies in the middle of winter if I put my focus there.

So why don’t I have a million bucks sitting in the bank yet?

As my friend Andy Dooley would say—it’s because I have lazy and lousy focus.

And then there is the pesky matter of prior programming—that’s the real bitch.

Our beliefs start to get programmed into us when we are just little kids. We start off with a clean slate—when we are really young we have an innate knowing of how the magical Universe works. Then that gets squashed by other people’s frightened beliefs of how they think the Universe works, or rather how they think it doesn’t work on our behalf.

We hear such things  as life is hard, you can’t trust people, you must work very hard to be successful, the world is a scary place. God forbid if we get exposed to the news. We are taught that we basically get what we get—we don’t have much of a choice. The trick is when we realize how the Universe really works—that thoughts become things and that we created the reality we see before us–is to have the wherewithal to undo these programs that no longer serve us and to program in some beliefs that do.

This is why I am a big fan of EFT—Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is a fantastic tool for clearing out limiting beliefs. (If you don’t know how EFT works pick up my free EFT QuickStart Guide above and to the right). Once we start getting these limiting beliefs cleared out, then focusing on the things we want in our lives becomes that much easier and effective.

The last trick to all of this is to actually use the tools we have to clear out the beliefs that no longer serve us. Our minds can be very, very tricky when it comes to this. These programs and beliefs we have—there’s a part of us that feels like these programs are there for a reason…to keep us safe. So where there is a part of us that knows we want to change, there is also the conflicting vibration of no way, I’m holding on to this belief for dear life—it’s all I know. Even if that belief clearly no longer serves us.

So are we doomed to live a life based on our parent’s and other’s limited beliefs?? NO! We just have to be diligent. We have to delight in the process, rather than seeing it as hopeless. We have to shift our lazy and lousy focus to clear focus on the things we want, and on what is already working well in our lives. From wherever our starting place is we have to see the infinite possibilities and know we have a choice as to where we put our attention. Then we can start having fun and joyfully go about creating the life we desire.

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