Why Does the Weight Come Back??

I have talked about my dieting saga many times here and one of the things I profess is that none of the previous ways of eating I tried was sustainable, so I would get to the breaking point, break, and then the weight would come back plus some for good measure. If you don’t make a lifestyle change and find a clean way of eating what works for you this will happen again and again. But what about folks who start juicing, or eating whole nutritious foods and get good results but then stop? What’s happening there?

What’s happening is they haven’t yet changed their identity—their identity from an overweight person who hangs on to the weight for safety reasons to a thin healthy person who no longer needs that perceived safety net. Aside from the physical reasons our bodies hang on to weight there are also a whole host of reasons—beliefs we hold about ourselves that are often times unconscious—telling us every day in some way that it is not a good idea to lose this weight. You’ll draw attention to yourself. You won’t have any more excuses not to put yourself out in the world. You won’t have a reason for holding back. You’ll just get into another bad relationship. You will be vulnerable.

This list could go on and on. Often the fears relate to things that happen to us when we were children. And as I said above often we are not even aware we have these beliefs but yet we are still operating from them. It’s our mind’s way of trying to protect us, but more often than not these beliefs no longer serve and are actually harmful to us. Or at the very least stop us from reaching our full potential.

Yikes—sounds like doom and gloom….but it’s not! The good news is there is something you can do about it. If you are not aware of limiting beliefs that may be holding you back the first place to look is at your thoughts—the thoughts we think consistently will reveal our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. But even if you don’t feel like you are getting to the beliefs that are causing you to hold onto weight you can still shift them. One great way to do that is with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

With EFT if you don’t know the specific issue or certain circumstances, like an unkind comment from a parent or someone close to you, which may be a part of your underlying weight issue you can just go general. A set up phrase such as Even though I have this fear of losing the weight, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway. Even though something in me thinks it is keeping me safe by holding on to this weight, I love and accept myself anyway. Even though it feels unsafe to lose this weight, I totally accept myself anyway. Then just follow up with the reminder phrase unsafe to lose this weight and tap through the points (for more on how to tap get my free EFT QuickStart Guide above on your right).

Tapping generally will start to shift things and often will  bring up more specific issues that weren’t in your awareness before to tap on. This might take some time so be persistent—these are beliefs that have been hanging around a long time, but regardless of that you can shift them. Just keep at it.

Also it is important to remember that you have to ACCEPT WHERE YOU ARE NOW in order to make a change. Pushing against, or getting totally pissed at yourself because you’ve gained all this weight is only going to get you more of the same. Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up! It just means don’t go kicking and screaming, instead know that you are able to make a change and it will happen. Beating yourself up for what is in this moment is just plain mean. If someone else were doing that to you you’d probably want to punch them out. So don’t do it to yourself!!

I did a lot of work around acceptance of where I was when I stopped trying to force my body into losing weight doing crazy unsustainable diets. I shifted into having an inner knowing that I would somehow organically get back to my naturally thin self. And it happened. But I don’t want it to take as long for you as it did for me. There is no reason to keep yourself stuck in a body that is uncomfortable and doesn’t feel like the real you. It just takes doing the work to shift limiting beliefs and changing your identity back to your naturally thin self with unlimited potential.

PS: If you want help shifting your identity check out my coaching page.

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