Why My Weight Loss Method Works When Everything Else You Tried Hasn’t

It took me a long time to figure this out—I want to save you the time it took me.

Why my weight loss method works—because I focus on health, not weight loss.

When you focus on getting healthy it feels good, right?  You are gaining something positive.  You are becoming more vibrant.

Weight loss is a grim matter.  Anyone who feels like they need to lose weight already feels under the gun.  Panic sets in as they have to buy that next size up.  They are operating from a fearful place.  No matter what your efforts, no matter what you try, if you are coming from a place of fear your weight loss efforts will be thwarted in one way or another.

It is that fear that keeps people on the dieting roller coaster.  I remember this fear so viscerally.  Years ago on one of my last weight gain cycles I went to the bookstore with a friend who was pregnant—she was excited and of course looking for books on that subject.  But I was too wrapped up in feeling like I was starting to look like I was pregnant so instead of sharing in her joy I went straight to the diet section.

I remember standing there desperately combing the shelves for something that I hadn’t tried.  Thinking something new had to have come out that was going to be the solution.  Please God let there be something.

But there wasn’t anything new that day.  I left there still unable to focus on my friend, sadly wondering what I was going to do.  So afraid that I would continue to gain weight.  Wondering what was wrong with me—why I kept failing.

Truth be told there was nothing wrong with me and I wasn’t failing.  I was getting what I was focusing on—NOT BEING ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT.  I was getting exactly what I was putting out.

I know I just wrote about this recently but it bears repeating—weight loss is about so much more than what you do or do not put in your mouth and how much you exercise.  That is the tiny tip of the iceberg.

Yes, we need to address this faucet—not just for our health generally but really because we are conditioned to believe that we have to make a change in our diet/exercise in order to lose weight.

I have seen a lot of people make great changes to healthier eating, even juicing and blending.  But they are coming at it from the fearful place of weight loss.  And it doesn’t work.  And they dump it and run to the bookstore.  Or back to something else that they tried before that didn’t work but maybe now it will.

Ok so here it is—the secret to losing the weight and keeping it off for good.  Eat good food; feel good about what you eat. 

Meaning eat whole nutrient dense real food, and eat (and exercise for that matter) coming from a place of feeling good about yourself and your choices because it is healthy.  Even if you eat something outside of your healthy eating plan—if you eat it feeling fearful and all the while telling yourself it’s going to make you gain weight…then it will.  But if you eat it and truly enjoy it, you will be fine.

This is why my method works and why I have been able to lose the weight and keep it off for good—and it wasn’t aVerandahphoto (13) struggle to do it.  Really it was a pleasure.  It all started with accepting where I was and making peace with food.  Then the real shift occurred when I put my focus on health rather than weight loss.  In doing that the weight just took care of itself.

But I will be honest with you—while my method is simple (eat real food and flood your body with nutrients) it isn’t easy because you are bucking beliefs and thoughts you have had about dieting and food you have held for almost a lifetime.

That’s also the really exciting part because it is the most liberating thing you will ever do!  Imagine weight not being a struggle any more.  I did it and you can too!

Eat good food; feel good about what you eat!

PS:  Thanks to my awesome friend Karen for the after photo!

PPS:  Why did I continue to make such poor shirt choices–flower prints and now tie dye??

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