Why Weigh?

During my years of dieting frenzy I was attached to the scale. I’m surprised I didn’t have some sort of pocket scale that folded out so I could bring it with me and weigh myself while out doing errands. If I got on the scale in the morning and it did not report the numbers I was hoping for I would just give it a try later (or in 5 minutes, either way never a good idea). It was amazing how a number on a scale could make or break my day.

So as I have already mentioned in previous posts, when I gave up dieting I also gave up the scale. I have not weighed myself for about five years. This is obviously a challenge when going to the doctor’s office. As you know the first damn thing they want you to do is get on the scale. So I had to refuse, telling them politely, I don’t weigh myself. This never went over well but I would stand my ground and they would eventually give up. The last time I had a physical the woman told me she absolutely had to have a weight and height for the chart so I stood facing the other way and she didn’t tell me. I’m sure I have the word DIFFICULT scattered throughout my medical records.

I go on about all of this because in a country that is so focused on weight, what’s the proper weight range according to height, I can’t believe I gained 10 pounds, or how much weight did you lose??, it is a little weird not to know what my weight is. And it becomes even more weird since juicing has caused me to lose some size, that when someone occasionally asks me how much weight I have lost my reply is, “I don’t know.” And their reply to me is, “You don’t know? How can you not know??” seeing as watching the scale go down is something a lot of people love to do, including myself!

As much as I would like to report the numbers to you and to anyone else who would listen, I decided to stay true to myself and what I have spouting off about for the last five years about quitting dieting and the scale. Even though a part of me is curious, and a bigger part of me wants the victory of declining numbers on the scale, I am going to stay off of it. I need to remember, and I hope you will too—our weight is just a number, it does NOT define who we are.


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