Why You Need to Shut the Hell Up!

Nature blows my mind.

I was just looking out the window to the buds on the trees.  Going through winter here in New England, especially Tree 2this past winter with the 10,000 feet of snow and boatload of cold, it always feels like spring will never arrive.  And then one day you wake up and you see crocuses popping up.

It consistently surprises me year after year and I think to myself, what the hell?

Really.  How do these plants know it is the right time to come up?  How do they even survive through the brutal winter?  How do they thrive with seemingly no attention?

How are they so perfect and beautiful?

They just are.  And here’s where I want to make the case for, yes there is definitely something greater than our life here on the planet.  Just based on nature, how can there not be?

There has to be some Divine Intelligence orchestrating these things.  It’s too freaking amazing to be otherwise.

Nature has such order to it.  It pretty much comes off without a hitch.

As humans we are the part of all this amazingness that have been blessed with the ability to think.  This is awesome and another mind blowing thing really, but it often causes things to come off…well, let’s just say with a bunch of hitches.

Imagine if a tree worried about whether new leaves would sprout in the spring.  If flowers wondered what others thought of them and if they were pretty enough.  If birds doubted the direction they were flying in.

It would be a mess!  Birds would be showing up in the wrong place.  Trees might just give up.  And flowers would be looking all crazy trying to make themselves more beautiful.

Something like what we sometimes do as humans.  When the thinking mind goes awry and starts focusing on lack and not good enough then we start going in the wrong direction.  Sometimes we even want to give up.

But the cool thing is there is something we can do about it.  We can change what we are focusing our thoughts on.  Our crazy thinking minds might want to make it more complicated—but really it is as simple as that.

So as you begin to make the change and start focusing on what it is that you want, remember to be like a tree.  Trees grow and survive despite the conditions.  They don’t focus on what’s happening around them, that some damn kid has carved initials into it and now it looks ridiculous, or that the winter was particularly brutal and it is too tired to bloom—they just do what they innately know to do.  To thrive.

Are there conditions that cause the physicalness of the tree to wither and eventually fail?  Of course—as it is with all of life here on Earth.  But in the meantime it thrives, operating from this Divine Intelligence.

It may seem as though my crazy mind has just gone off on a tangent about trees, but I do have a point…two really.  One is that we all have this Divine Intelligence available to us, just as the birds and the flowers do—we just have to quiet the thinking mind and listen to it (basically shut the hell up).  This to me is super exciting—holy crap we all have access to what creates worlds!!

The second thing is we have a choice about how we react to the circumstances around us.  We can choose to thrive, which is what we are meant to do here, or we can start to wither little by little.

What choice have you been making so far?  Is it time to quiet down and maybe fly in a new direction?

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