Why Resist?

So, here we are.  Welcome to the first blog post at Your Inner Joy!  I am very excited to offer you what I find to be interesting and thought provoking content and to get some discussion going about our experience here in this human form.

I think of “your inner joy” as being the Divine within you, your Higher Self, Source, Unconditional Love—however you like to think of that sacred part of all of us.  Sometimes we lose track of our inner joy, but there is always a road back to it.  Aside from the truly enlightened we spend most of our lives going back and forth on this road, from times of great connectedness to times of discord and non congruence.  It’s part of the human experience, or the human “condition”.  It can seem like a grave condition at times!  But there is always a way out, a way back to our joy and connection to source.  And that is what we are here to explore!

One piece of this journey that continues to fascinate me is RESISTANCE.  As a matter of fact, this blog post is a perfect example.  I got this website up and almost ready to go, except for a post to kick it off.  I knew that was the final piece, and week after week “write blog post” went on my goal list…..and then carried over to the next week.

This went on for weeks before I finally acknowledged that it wasn’t because I kept running out of time to get it done, it was because I had some resistance around writing it.  I love to write….so what was this about?  Truth be told I wasn’t just resisting writing the blog post.  I was resisting working on changing how I felt about it!  I was resisting trying to heal that part of me that felt unsafe writing and putting it out in the world.  I was resisting dispelling that program in my brain that plays the “you’re not good enough, no one wants to hear what you have to say” mantra and hits the repeat button.

Why wouldn’t I want to just clear this right out and get going with my life?  I know the tools to use—I have been studying different tools for personal development and growth for twenty something years!  As I said in the Articles section, herein lies the problem…..the tricky, tricky business of healing…..fear of losing our programming because it initially was  there to keep us safe.

Our conscious mind knows better, but our subconscious mind runs the show.  The catch 22—we can learn a million tools to clear unwanted programming with our conscious mind, but when something is deeply engrained in our programming the ego will continually try and find ways to hold on to it.  So I can have the fabulous intention of every day tapping on my resistance to writing…..and then within a week find that I put off the tapping until later……and then that I don’t have time today but will get back to it tomorrow.  Yes—there is our self sabotage kicking in—aka the ego fighting for its life.

Yikes, so now what?!?  Well, at least we can see the root of our self sabotage and maybe go a little easier on ourselves.  But what else?  Good question!  And that is what we are here to discuss.  Finding the tricks to utilizing the tools we have to make positive change in our lives.  One thing I can say for sure is a fantastic start is to check out your emotional state when you are experiencing resistance to something.  If you are experiencing a negative emotion, as Abraham Hicks tells us, try reaching for a better feeling thought.  This is obviously easier said than done at times, especially if you are experiencing a strong emotion such as anger or if you are feeling depressed.  But even just a slight shift in your emotional state can work wonders and get you back into an upward swing rather than a downward spiral.  This is a good time to try writing out a gratitude list—there is always something you can find to be grateful for in your life and usually once you start you get on a roll and find out that there is in fact quite a lot to be grateful for.  Instant energy shift!

Another thing that is ideal to do when you realize you are experiencing resistance is to stop and ask yourself, what is this resistance really about?  What happened sometime in my life that made me feel like this is something I can’t or don’t want to do.  Write down what occurs to you and then do some clearing work on these negative programs RIGHT AWAY!   Don’t let your ego fool you into putting it aside to tap on later.  Do it when you are in the space—if you are clearing with tapping it only takes minutes to do.  Just power through it and hopefully you will get the shift you need to start connecting with your higher self rather than ego, and be able to come up with a solution or take action on whatever your resistance is.

So there’s a start!  But I cannot emphasize enough that getting past our ego can be a complicated business.  So don’t lose faith in yourself and your ability to do whatever creative things you dream of doing.  Just remain as aware as possible, and when you start to recognize the resistance, don’t use it as an excuse but instead as a reason to take action.


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