Would You Be Embarrassed If People Knew What You Were Googling?

One of my favorite ways to have a laugh is to see what key words people are typing in to get to my website.  You may recall a post from last year  How an Unlikely Combination Changed My Day.


And then it makes me wonder…what the hell is my blog all about?  Here’s today’s list from Google Analytics:

1.  Not provided

2.  Your inner joy

3.  ancient oriental secrets of love have been reveale

4.  ho’oponopono everything has energy

5.  how to inhale weed without smoking it

6.  how to smoke weed

7.  inner joy

8.  inner joy blog

9.  inner joy is a choice

10.  legotrip juicenothing law attraction

What?  Ok I write one article about green juice making me smell like weed while working out and now I am getting all the wannabe pot smokers?  I think #10 was smoking weed while googling around the internet—can’t quite figure out what they were trying to figure out.  Juicenothing???  For God’s sake don’t they know me at all?!?  But I sure am glad the ancient oriental secrets of love have been revealed…or reveale.

It is interesting to think about.  What are we all looking for?

Well based on this list there are certainly people looking for a way out of their misery through weed.   Has googling become one more way of looking outside ourselves for happiness?

I am glad people looking for inner joy found my site as that is actually what I am all about (not smoking weed if you are new to the blog!).

The internet is a fantastic tool and something I utilize all the time.  It can also be a huge and fantastic distraction and another way of numbing out.

Do you ever find yourself hours later when you just went to look something up quick still on the computer surfing around?  I know I have.  Or checking email and facebook one more time?  What are we hoping might show up?

What I think all this is pointing to is that we all long for connection but sadly we are looking in the wrong place.  Not just googleland—anywhere out there.

Out there is just that—outside ourselves.  Inside is where all the real action is taking place but many of us choose to drown out all that is happening within with the loud chaotic distraction of news and events and things.  There is nothing wrong with this—we are here as humans and we do need to participate in life.  But our perception of what is happening around us, the circumstances, is a lot better when we take the time to make the connection that matters most—to our higher selves, the Universe, Source Energy—however you refer to that which is greater than our physical selves.

Making that connection on a daily basis is so important—as important as eating good food and moving your body for your physical and emotional health.  But it is also the thing that can go by the wayside pretty easily.

I am reminded of this when my own practice of doing a little bit of meditation or just taking time to be quiet starts to slip.  I simply don’t feel as good, and it is easier for me to be stirred in a negative way over circumstances that occur.  I am out of balance.

Imagine a world where everyone took some time away from googling how to smoke weed and spent some time in the moment—which is all we really have.  Now that would be something!

Do you have a daily practice of meditation or some other way of plugging in to Source Energy?  Please leave a comment below!

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